Strategic Operations Recovery Management 

Does your current vendor have a defined strategy to get you recording again in the event of a disaster? 

Is your data stored for easy retrieval?

Can the public still search your records if your office is affected and offline?

Secure Offsite Replication

In the event of a disaster that compromises your office’s production server and recorded data and images, Replication serves as a secure off-site repository to retain your land record indices and images. You can have peace of mind knowing your Official Public Record is securely maintained and protected within a second location.

Keep Your Records Accessible to the Public

Lost land record indices and images will not only be recovered through Replication, with STORM searchers can continue to search our portal even if your office is off-line. All searching of public documents can be pointed towards the replicated area, decreasing traffic on the county’s local servers.

Mobile Recording Station

After a disaster your ability to maintain business continuity and still serve the public is paramount to your office. With STORM you can count on DPS being on site with our Mobile Recording Solution to keep your office running within 24 hours of any disaster event.