Document Storage & Digital Replication


Are you bursting at the seams for box storage? 


Don’t know who offers an affordable option that allows you to save space yet also have access to documents in a timely fashion? 


Do you want a vendor who understands your underlying business and doesn’t just store boxes?

If that’s the case, you’re in the right place! 

DPS has the facilities, space and people to ensure your documents are stored in a secure and safe manner. Let us handle the boxes so you can utilize your office and storage space the way you want. 



Sometimes replication comes hand-in-hand with physical box storage.  Although you may have already converted your paper documents to digital, are they backed-up in a secure, off-site facility that can be readily accessed if a catastrophic event causes you to lose the original data?


How long would it take you to rebuild your databases and associated images? 

Can your public still access your records if your office is offline?

When you choose DPS to host your data, it is stored in a Telco-grade facility. Halon fire suppression will extinguish any fire while insuring that your native equipment and data are unharmed. A generator back-up will ensure that your records will not suffer from downtime.

Contact us to see how we can back you up when the unexpected occurs.

Let us Manage Your Backup