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Software Packages Developed With Care

Cutting-edge software, designed to help County Governments achieve their highest goals. From Land Records Scanning to Court Records and Public Search, DPS technology products define the future of digital records.

Experience Land Recording Software like you have never seen before. Avid streamlines document flow and enhances every aspect of your recording process.

Now with Assisted-Indexing, powered by Inspect, your staff uses their knowledge to validate captured indexes rather than spending their time typing data. 

More than just an inventory tool. Elevate your knowledge of your county library with BookTrack. Web-based inventory, tracking and more

Property Fraud Alert is a powerful tool that allows you to extend your reach beyond the office. Show your citizens that you protect more than just their records. You also protect their most valuable asset - their home.

Simple and hands free for your office, this free-to-the-public program will put you in the spotlight in a very positive way. 

Experience simple and dependable Public Search for your records with Axis. Realize new and consistent revenue while providing much needed access to your records. 


Easy integration with a variety of credit card vendors and database formats. 

GRIDS Cloud is a set of cloud-based programs that specializes in records management of parish, county, or any government municipality system.

Currently in development, Apex promises to define the future of Vital Statistics Registry. 


Fully web-based and Kiosk ready.

Configurable to meet your county's needs,

Apex is the pinnacle of Vitals Software