Thank you County and District Clerks!

Yeti Cooler Winners

Together we raised $3,500 for the CDCAT Scholarship Fund!

Last week at the CDCAT Summer Conference, the word to know was YETI!

DPS was honored to welcome clerks from across the state to the Marriott Woodlands Waterway Convention Center as they attended fantastic educational events organized by the CDCAT.

The setting could not have been more perfect, with shopping and dining options galore, basking in the Houston summer sun as it shimmered across the water. The breathtaking views on all sides treated Texas Clerks to a simply stunning experience.

Among the attendees, word spread quickly that DPS had something special in mind for this year's Scholarship Banquet. And we certainly did! This year

we took on an 'Under the Sea' theme and immersed our county partners in a world 10,000 leagues away from the heat and hustle of life on land.

Complete with a pirate ship selfie station, coral reefs throughout and an ocean of marine themed balloons, the DPS staff worked feverishly to prepare an event that would entertain and thrill all who attended. And from the amount of smiles in the pictures we captured, it's clear we succeeded.

While the surroundings were truly captivating, it was the bingo that really got the party going. Our bingo hosts got people on their feet and were so

engaging it made the night fly by. In between shouts of boisterous laughter, the cry of 'BINGO!!' could be heard for miles! And there was good reason to shout because those bingo games earned some lucky folks a very unique prize: our DPS branded Yeti Coolers packed with beach towels and Yeti tumblers! Everything you need for a long hot Texas day on the beach or celebrating the 4th of July.

It was an extraordinarily successful event, made possible by every clerk who celebrated with us. We cannot thank everyone enough for their support and partnership. DPS is growing and we are so very excited to be a part of such a wonderful group. We love our Texas Clerks!

Just look at that smile!

This young man represents the reason why DPS feels so strongly about supporting the CDCAT Scholarship Fund. Giving back to our county partners while helping provide educational opportunities to their families is an astoundingly wonderful feeling. It is a cause we are honored to support.

Join us in San Marcos for the winter conference to see what kind of crazy fun we come up with promises to be out of this world. And if you would like more information on how you can help us support the CDCAT Scholarship Fund, click here.

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