What do Texas County & District Clerks Love?

If you use our recent CDCAT Scholarship Fundraiser and Happy Hour event in San Marcos as the measuring stick, it's apparent that our County and District Clerks love to have a good time! They also love brisket and are quite fond of gift cards and dessert.

But what I think they love the most wasn't our hospitality or even our lavish decorations, but our coveted Data Preservation Solutions branded YETI Tumblers! Yes, tumblers!

Maybe it wasn't really the tumblers but the hidden gifts that some of them contained (like itch powder and beer flavored jelly beans)? Probaby not, but you never know.

All kidding aside, it was a fantastic evening for all and DPS is proud to be able to make another donation to the CDCAT Scholarship Fund for $3,190! We'd like to especially thank Calhoun County for their $40 donation. We hope you enjoy the tiki torches! Our attendance was phenomenal (more than double what we did at this event last year) and we're excited to see what the summer event in The Woodlands has in store!

If you missed the festivities, we hope you'll join us in June. Below are a few photos from the event. And if you click here, you can view the entire image library.

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