Beauty, Efficiency and Technology

You probably don’t think about it very much on a conscious level, but these keywords are ingrained into every aspect of our lives. As consumers of all kinds of new technology and devices, we are innately drawn to those items that give us these three things. Conversely, if a piece of technology doesn't measure up to these ideals, we do not embrace it. Remember Google Glass? neither.

Finding efficient ways to do things has been part of the human experience since the creation of the wheel. And the technology we imagine is responsible for creating the methods of achieving the more efficient realization of our ideas.

But where did beauty come in?

Some, mostly dedicated Apple product lovers, will give that brand the credit.

The creation of the iPhone (a simply stunning piece of technology upon its first launch) coupled with the simplistic beauty of its shell and the world-changing user interface, gave all of us something more to consider when we look at the technology we use every day. Steve Jobs knew that it is not enough to just be functional; technology should be visually appealing, fun to use and provide an experience.

In short, it has to be really cool.

When Avid was developed for County Clerks, the thoughtfulness that Apple brought to design aspects and the user experience were key motivators for the development team. Just like Apple, they created a product that is built for efficient action with the best technology, and they also made it beautiful.

As an Android user who doesn’t want to give Apple any credit, I would say that Mr. Jobs just brought back to the forefront our human desire to bind art into our technology. For me, as a self-professed nerd (because surely, I’ve never been called one) having a new piece of gorgeous, fast and very cool new technology to play with every day is one of life’s little joys. This is why I am so very passionate about Avid.

Avid is the Answer

Every land records software on the market can record documents. Most can handle electronic recordings and they all can help you balance your office.

But what makes them standout from each other? What features really make the difference for you? Where is the solution that not only does everything you need it to, but also does it with finesse?

Artfully crafted to make recording documents not only a streamlined process but an enjoyable one, Avid was created to be the future of document recording. By utilizing advanced features presented in a colorful, user-focused interface that guides your staff through all aspects of the recording process, Avid stands out from the competition.

Avid powered by Inspect is the most powerful data management tool in our industry today. Rather than forcing indexed data into your database, Inspect will make recommendations to your staff and validate their knowledge and expertise. This creates cleaner databases and allows users to search for documents with extreme accuracy.

Built in search, ability to scan and index your back-file, electronic receipting and custom output options are all standard.

When you want more knowledge about what is happening every day in your office, Avid shows you advanced views of your document and workflow volumes. With this you can make business decisions on real-time data, understand and track employee productivity and produce real results that benefit your customers.

Running reports every day is a pain. Why not just schedule them to run in the background at set times? Avid will do this for you and email the report to anyone you request, freeing up your time to focus on your office instead of paperwork.

In all of these incredible features, and the many more that are part of Avid, the user experience and the need for functional, efficient design are at the core of Avid.

At DPS we consider ourselves artists, working with timeless and historic pieces. Avid helps us make sure we bring that same artfulness into the future.

And it's really, really cool.

If your're ready for that stunning piece of technology that prepares your office for the future, fill out our Contact form and schedule your Avid Experience Demonstration today.

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