How many of you still refer to the original “index” books to locate records?

By our estimates, more than 75% of counties still rely on the original “index” book when searching for a specific record.

In an effort to streamline the process, Data Preservation Solutions is often asked “How do other counties index their records?” As more counties convert their historical back-file records and index them, the original index books become more of an art piece and less of an essential tool.

To simplify the process, DPS created CREW (County Record Extraction Wizard) to assist counties with the laborious task of assigning a data set or index to each record. While this task may seem simple enough, it is frequently the Achilles heel of county records searching. If the index isn’t specific enough, the search results are too broad. And if the values are incorrectly entered, the results are inaccurate.

CREW provides a cloud based portal that allows digital images of records to be indexed in a county friendly environment. Automated data extraction can be set up and data verification and quality control steps are in place to minimize errors. If the County chooses to use DPS for the indexing process, every record is indexed twice by independent indexing specialists. Any discrepancy between the two indexing entries will prompt CREW to send notification to the manager and will place the item in an exception queue where it can be reviewed and verified.

Whether a county chooses to index themselves or outsource to a vendor, CREW will allow for tracking of the entire indexing process with image by image tracking. This includes reviewing and editing prior to loading the records into the official county recording system. Yes, you read that correctly, the county can review the data PRIOR to the records and index data being loaded into the system of record. There are no indexing errors when using CREW if the stated, documented indexing rules are followed.

If you want to learn how CREW can save you time and money while improving accuracy, please contact DPS today for more details.

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