Fort Bend County to Offer Property Fraud Alert

DPS is very proud to announce our partnership with Fort Bend County, Texas!

Fort Bend residents can now benefit from our free Property Fraud Alert service, offered to the public by County Clerk Laura Richard.

Property Fraud Alert offers a unique protection against Mortgage Fraud or the filing of False Liens.

Using Property Fraud Alert, the public can be assured that if a document is ever recorded in the County Clerk's office, our customer service agents will alert them via email or phone call and assist them with understanding the purpose of the document recording.

More than 200 counties nationwide are offering Property Fraud Alert, serving more than 200,000 constituents, stopping fraudsters in their tracks and protecting their most valuable investment; their home.

Residents of Fort Bend county can sign up for the free monitoring by visiting

For more information about how Property Fraud Alert can help protect you click here

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