When you need more than just a vendor, DPS is the clear choice

More than just a service bureau, DPS is the partner your county needs to ensure your preservation projects are handled with expertise. Review our offerings below and let us know how we can help you capture history.

For over 45 years our conservators have been perfecting techniques that have been used for centuries – hand sewn craftsmanship using traditional needles and thread – and combined this old world craftsmanship with modern-day restoration techniques. This marriage of restoration and conservation science allows them to produce books of exceptional quality.

 Capturing the most accurate and relevant data is the foundation for being able to locate a particular document in the future. Since CREW is completely web based, there is no need to install desktop software. This allows users in any location or time-zone to access indexing and process documents. Records are not required to be sent to offshore vendors.


In the event of a disaster that compromises your office's production server and recorded data & images, Replication serves as a secure off-site repository to retain your land record indices and images. You can have peace of mind knowing your Official Public Record is securely maintained and protected within a second location.

Are your public records protected from natural disaster? DPS understands the necessity of keeping county offices functioning to meet the needs of the public, especially in times of trouble. Our Strategic Operations Recovery Management plan can guarantee your office stands secure and functional no matter the obstacles.


Also known as conversion, scanning and digitization are the building blocks of our business. Although we strive to preserve the pages contained in each historic volume, it's difficult to work with paper in the digital age. The need for any-time, on-demand access compels us to provide best-in-class digitization to our clients and, in turn, to their constituents.

Although microfilm might seem archaic in this digital age, many organizations (like NARA) choose to utilize it as a low-cost, reliable, long-term, storage medium. Whether you'd like to save a back-up copy of your records to microfilm or digitize records currently on microfilm for ease of more frequent viewing, DPS can assist you.

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