Property Fraud Alert

Did you Know?
  • Property and Mortgage Fraud are the fastest-growing white-collar crimes in the country?
  • Property Fraud can be caught early if the right technology is in place?
  • Data Preservations Solutions provides a service to your public that can help protect them from property fraud?
Property Fraud Alert is an internet-based system that automatically alerts your constituents, via email or phone, each time there is recording activity on a property owned by them. Upon notification, your constituents can then verify that this activity was initiated by them and not by someone attempting to commit property fraud. This early alert gives the victim valuable time to stop the perpetrator in their tracks.
  • Along with your county’s custom Property Fraud Alert website and alert system, we will also make available several marketing materials to help get the word out to your constituents
    • Custom brochure for county-wide mailings or handing out
    • Example press release
    • Posters for public display
    • We’re also always open to new ideas!

Property Fraud Alert can be implemented into nearly any county, regardless of your land records vendor and system.
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Watch this informative report from WFAA Channel 8 News - Dallas, TX