Microfilm Services

Many counties implemented microfilming systems many years ago as a means of better managing their records.  If these microfilm systems were properly implemented and monitored, they provided an excellent medium that could last 500 years.  The microfilm systems varied in film type, film quality, the process by which records were put on film, and many other factors.  But, in many counties it became difficult to manage these systems with consistency, resulting in poor quality film.

When a county has a legacy film library that requires digital conversion, it is imperative that an extensive core background is in place.  Since DPS’s core team worked in the film marketplace for decades, we understand the variety of film systems and conditions and utilize this experience to deliver a stellar end-product.

Data Preservation Solutions has designed and perfected a state-of-the-art, technology-driven process that follows a repeatable, documented, disciplined methodology to ensure project integrity every time.  By concentrating on five (5) primary areas –

  1. Film quality

  2. Image quality

  3. Document type determination

  4. Indexing requirements

  5. Interactive project management

DPS provides county clerks' offices with microfilm conversion services that yield usable, searchable and accurate databases of digital instruments with indexes.