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Over the years, data has been recorded on a wide array of mediums – stone, parchment, film, paper, magnetic tape, and the list goes on. 


Although we’re not much help with stone tablets, we know our way around the preservation of the information contained within.

Data Preservation Solutions’ history is interwoven with ingenuity, attention to detail, empathy, artistry, problem solving and a genuine interest in helping others. 


Since data preservation is vital to our everyday lives to function smoothly, we like to pride ourselves on providing our expertise to keep our partner’s operations running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 


If that means rebinding books, digitizing vital records or creating inventory lists to track historical documents, we’re here to help you achieve your goals. 


Not sure if we offer what you need?  Let’s collaborate together to find a solution.


At DPS, we pride ourselves with our knowledge, experience and understanding of the land recording industry.

Central to our mission to be true partners to our clients is the core value all our Stakeholders live by: How Can We HELP?

         Handle ourselves graciously,
       Execute on our strategy,
       Learn something new every day,
       Promote our strengths

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