Our County Partners

DPS is Honored to Serve Our County Partners.

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Dwight Sullivan - Galveston County Clerk

DPS has been our software vendor since 2014. We know we can count on them to deliver great software products with incredible customer service and support. DPS is truly integrated into our office now; from helping us ensure our index is complete, to our daily document management and even in our Elections Division, DPS has been a fantastic partner. Galveston County looks forward to working with their outstanding staff for years to come.

Barbara Spitzer - Childress County District & County Clerk

We are very thankful to DPS for partnering with us in Childress County. The ability to digitize our historic records, as well as speeding up the time it takes to return documents to our customers, has had a positive impact for our office and our constituents.

Dana Hogg - Hardin County District Clerk

Thank you Data Preservation Solutions (DPS) for the nice job on preserving Hardin County history.


Some of the Civil Minutes and Index books have undergone archival cleaning, mending, pH testing and de-acidification, imaging, indexing and encapsulation. They will not fade now. They have been rebound and the books are beautiful.


Old books/new books.

old books.jpg
New books (2).jpg