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Bringing the Conference to You - Winter 2021

Since the Annual Winter Conference scheduled in early February has been canceled, we've decided to bring the conference to you!

At any conference, swag and prizes are always a portion of the fun, click here to "register" for our CDCAT Scholarship Fund donation.

For each registration entry, DPS will make a donation to the CDCAT Scholarship Fund.  This will also enter you into our monthly prize drawings.

5/27/21 That' s a wrap!  THANK YOU to all the counties who participated in our Bringing the Conference to You event.  With COVID restrictions still in place during the winter and early spring, we were looking for a way to keep you engaged and help us continue to contribute to your CDCAT Scholarship Fund.  Congratulations to all our drawing winners.  We will announce our final donation amount soon.

In the meantime, we're looking forward to visiting with you in Amarillo!

Blue indicates a single clerk (either county or district) has registered.  Yellow indicates both clerks from the county have registered (or a combo clerk)
Map last updated 05/26/2021  2:14 PM

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