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When you send books out for repair do you ever…
  • …wonder where they are, and how long they will be out?

  • …wish you could see into the restoration process?

  • …need a page from one of them?

  • …feel like your inventory needs reorganization?

What we offer
  • Our staff will examine and tag each of your books. Each book will be cataloged for its name or number, book type and location and entered into the BookTrack inventory

  • Each tag detail is logged in your custom web portal, allowing you to stay in-the-know easily and quickly

  • With DPS as your preservation partner you can use BookTrack to easily check books out for repair, monitor their progress and check them back in when done, without spreadsheets

  • Ability to upload your existing inventory spreadsheets

  • Preset forms for faster inventories based on your book types

  • Name rooms, racks, shelves, offsite locations, etc

  • Proactive user alerts to keep you informed

  • Visibility during preservation via reports and web tracking

  • Image-on-demand while books are out for repair