Axis Public Search

Are you realizing revenue from hosting your records online?

Axis was designed to benefit the public, who may not be professional searchers, while providing features that will wow users with experience in searching public records. 

Fully cross-browser compatible, Axis works on any computer or mobile device. With a streamlined user interface and simple controls, anyone can use Axis to search and print records from your county.

Axis Public Search
Axis Public Search

Search by: Party Name, Legal Description, Date Range and a host of other indexed values, including microfilm roll number. Even search up-to-the- minute with your daily recording. 


Users maintain their own accounts with their own shopping carts, giving them ability to review past transactions.


Credit Card transactions are handled outside the Axis environment through your preferred vendor. 

Axis Administrator allows you total visibility with its reporting tools. Balance your online sales and even see what your searchers are looking for and have downloaded for any given date range.


Manage Users, control Document Types and Images available to the public, even grant other local government offices free access to your records through the portal. 

Axis Public Search

Open your records to the world with Axis

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