• Paperless Workflow - Decrease paper shuffle/increase turnaround time.

  • Ease of eRecording - AVID provides a superior ability to handle and process eRecordings in a digital manner.

  • Hotkeys and Touchscreen functionality give the user workflow options, letting the individual choose what is most comfortable to them.

  • Scheduled Reports - Reporting generates calculated data for numerous purposes.

  • AVID Entry - User enters index data into a singular field which is populated appropriately by AVID.

  • AVID Search - "On-demand" search tool that searches all indexed criteria for the user.

  • iNSPECT - Assisted-indexing technology that promotes precision and accuracy in data.

  • Data shields along with the integration of our Anchor and Iris modules, ensure that the data being entered is accurate and follows your office's indexing standards.

  • Recording - AVID will processes each document in the same manner, whether in a physical or electronic format.

  • Imaging - Images of each stored document can be viewed while processing and are always accessible.

  • Back Indexing - Access historical documents for the purposes of indexing.

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